Becoming Friends on Steam

yeah heres my profile feel free to add me
well I'm going to have to go through this thread and add everyone I havent add yet
Feel free to Add me user name :Googooguru
i like this :D steam : gzga11
I'm EvilRobotics on Steam, if you don't find me try tronda90
Thats great! alienware owns
No one knows me but I'd love to be added on Steam too :D hehe username thingy: cliffordrawr Peace
wheres the link to the alienware steam group
add B3NNY07 i'm going to be into Diablo 3 when its released. so if your looking for a hardcore diablo 3 know what to do.
Azrael22 is mine. Like B3NNY07 I will also be playing a lot of Diablo 3.
you guys can add me 2 on steam play some bf3 or other games sometimes.
A bit slow off the mark but I'm yeti575 on Steam as well
I'm "killerpwnstar" on steam, psn, xbox live, and raptr if anyone wants to add me on any of the following.
"Fraghag" or "snackpack" on steam, still working on LOOKITMEIMAGURL
Shame that most of us lvl 1's are not befriended :( xD
Oh yeah i'm Taakish on steam.
My steam ID is eX.Kelazhur
Hi ! Add me for TF2 : Jzumi
add me ! id love to join you guys in game
Hi, I am "Big Brother" ( on Steam. Thanks for this thread, it is an awesome idea!
We should make a group!

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