What Race Are You?

What is your favourite race in Skyrim? If you have had multiple accounts, state which one is your absolute favourite based on looks and ability.
I just started playing but my character is a Khajiit, I was going for a sort of rogueish stealth character and reading their description made them seem like the right fit for me
I like the Khajit as well. I have not played it as much as my Orc character but for some reason I like that class the most. I been using them since Daggerfall though I might have used them in Arena too. I can't really recall that though.

I'm still a Nord, ie have not completed it yet nor do I have a 2nd character. I'd definitely try something different next time. Perhaps someone really suited to stealth. At the moment I always make a grand entrance via destruction spells and longsword
Imperial. I automatically clicked it as I just love the Galactic Empire, and the Empire in Skyrim is not too dissimilar. I mostly favour humans unless the Elves are extra-pretty. That said, God do the males look fugly. Can't make one that doesn't look either extremely tired or completely insane.
Nord. But I think the next character I make will have to be a Wood Elf. I enjoy using Bows.
dzastaR said:

Nord. But I think the next character I make will have to be a Wood Elf. I enjoy using Bows.

My first account was a Wood Elf, it makes the game a lot easier to be able to own everything early game. I took Khajiit next and enjoyed the challenge a bit more.
i usually choose imperial. mainly because they they look the most normal lol
A Nord who looks like an imperial lol.
I'd say Dark Elf. Too bad Dremoras aren't playable..
im playing dark elf...and i diint choose the race by the abilities they have got only by the looking^^
A Nord. I only like playing humans.
Played 2 characters so far, both is Nord.
i chose nord because i wanted that resistance to frost. realy comes in handy.
Ive always played Dark Elf since Morrowind, I kinda like Argonian too but only because my brother is fascinated by reptiles and it kinda rubbed off on me :D.
NORD!! Just defending their land :)
Nord, I'd figure most would choose that

Answers to all your questions here regarding everything is: Soon™

Well, i usually like bit tanky characters who can do some damage in most of the games. So i went Nord with heavy armor and two hander :P
I've played dark elf and Nord.
Female Nord, with HD grahpics updates hah!!

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