Akimbo machine pistols

I think they are overpowered. they dont spray as bad as they did on mw2
akimbo with any weapon is already OP
I voted yes but there is a thread about this, just doesn't have a poll.

Specially fmgs

The only goal there is, is to never become normal.

i voted no. there is only one that i find is op.. and thats the fmgs.. but the majority no. but hey thats just my opinion
Yep op, something enemies will be scared of.
Akimbo fmg9s kills in something like 1.5bullets to the head, or between 2 and 3 to the body. Basically, take the Scar-H from mw2, boost the fire rate, and then put one in each of your hands. That is akimbo Fmg9s...
They apparently reduced the fire rate on dual wield FMG9s as well as "rebalanced" the FMG9 by itself.

yep, they contribute to at least 40% of my deaths
Yeah i think they are op up close but they are hella inaccurate. =/
So OP..... make people rage running Akimbo MP9..... you should check out Juictra series 'Akimbro' on Youtube. It is him exploiting the OP nature of 'Akimbro' machine pistols.
they are op but they don't aggrivate me as much as shotguns
MPs are to overpowered.. everytime, when someone kill me with it, he/she spray with it..
For the most part, they are op. Most maps have close ranged places where duel machine pistols are way too powerful.
i duel wield desert eagles
3 matches today over 20 kills with them
op and awesome love running aroound lighting people up then getting a message after the game
Didn't they "nerf" them?
Yes they reduced fire rate
they rule :D and if you think they are OP, please learn to dodge

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