Is he worth of buying? He is now on sale and im wondering :)
hes a fun char but there are prob other junglers u dont own that u should get first
Well, I don't think he's a bad champ, not at all, but I think you should try it before you buy it. I personally don't like him, but many friends of mine play hecarim and they do a pretty good job, specially jungling.
He is a strange champ... I love him, but some of my friends hate him cause the lack of CC for ganking (his E used in the wrong way could save the enemy)... But overall he is good Don't purchase him if you never tried it... Ask a friend that owns him to 2-3 games and/or spectate some games with a Hecarim before buying him
I picked him up, even if I don't use in a reg game, hes fun to play with on custom with my son
No hes never used in games..Hes always over looked.
Its a nice character ,good team fight iniciator with his ulti(R) as the begining -it fears and deals nice damage :D ,but it also can be used as escape skill - like Shyvana's ulti. He can make quite nice dmg got aoe dmg skill that heals him (W) and a skill that hits everyone around him (Q). He can be used as a chaser with his (E) ability. Another goodie is that his passive gives you bonus AD depends on your speed - so you need to get some movement increasing gear for aditional AD and Hecarim ignores unit collision its good for chasing/running away . He can be a nice jungle ,and as an iniciator its good to make him tanky. If i were you i would buy him :D
funny to play him ap in normals ^^

he's kind of weak imo (mainly jungling), but overall as a champion he is pretty good. tankyish
he is fun to play and i mean very fun, but if are looking for a very good jungler champ a lot of champ fix that role better than him and are more cheap, (udyr, amumu, alistar, maokay) they even clear the jungle more faster that him and have better gank potential but in the end the final choice is your xD
he is fun to play .. and storng with alot of speed ... i love heca :)
1 of the best troll chars u can have real fun with!
I tried him and found him awesome! His mobility is just wicked and as a jungler he can gank from unexpected places because of it. As a pick for top lane you might be able to catch your opponent off guard, again due to the mobility. With that said, he is definately a champion I could go for in the future. He is not a must buy though since I have a few champions that fill the same roles as Hecarim. Give him a go, then decide if you want to buy him or not. :)
He's just a pony ;( Fast good with kids but not use-full for real men :P
I just played Hecarim a few times this week (free to play) and imo its bad... Good ulti but nothing else, the knockback is meh...
I think jungle hecarim is super strong but only in arranged teams cause he needs some real coordination
he is a fairly strong jungler... but def faster, better cc, and cheaper junglers out there... would not recommend if you're just starting to jungle... and if you plan on using him to lane... not a very strong laner... but def fun to play and very good at chasing
his reaper skin looks so cool
Hecarim's early game ganking can be a little rough but he ganks better than junglers like Malphite both before level 6 and after. He snowballs very hard but sometimes feels too reliant on snowballing.
just a horsie that can run fast..i really dont like him and i even regret they added him (and actually lots of new champions, as riot seems to focus on creating an army of champions instead of other things)

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hes fun to play i think but hes not strong compared to other junglers
he's a little ruff to play. and using his passive with building can sometimes be challange as well. But if you get him down he can be pretty awesome late game.
I love his ulty, HUGE range.
hes a pro jungler, really easy to gank with him

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