Aurora R4 OverHeating?

So normally I play a few games of league of legends everyday with my friends, recently my computer started having its fps drop to 1-fps and the game will freeze along with the computer, so I went and completely reset the computer thinking maybe it was a virus or software malfunction. After I shut my Aurora down, I start it back up but the boot screen loads really slow and my windows screen freezes along with the fans going at around 4000 rpm's just over trying to load my windows. So far as I can tell it is overheating, but when checking the thermal monitor's they show only 28C. Anybody got a thought on what is causing this? Does the Alien-ware Service cover stuff like this?
Are you checking the temps while gaming or in idle (not doing anything really)? Try running some diagnostics while you are at it. Might be some loose hardware too, but I can't be safe to say.
I've check the thermal's while in game they stay the same, mostly it's the problem that my fps bottoms out randomly and the Cpu almost hits 75% when normally it caps off at 15%. I'm not really to happy considering I bought the computer 1 year ago, none of the hardware is loose I've went through the insides of it and made sure. Anymore my fans stay on 4000 rpm if my cpu gets over 10% also never had it do that. :/
Updated your drivers through the manufacturer's website (NVidia or AMD)? Did any diagnostics say anything? Did you mess something around in the BIOS?
I have NVidia, no diagnostics said nothing. I havent got a clue how mess with the bios, so I dont believe thats the issue.
Checking for dust bunnies inside? Download HWMonitor or HWiNFO, and check your temps from there, your room will be 28'C, not the CPU. (The temps are next to "CPU Package").
(All Temps shown are on idle) So on idle it is bad to have Core# 1-4 at 60-68 Degree's Celsius? Also my system fan is staying at 1500 rpm's on idle. My Nvidia Ge-force GT 545 graphics card stays at 40 degree's Celsius. My CPU runs 65% also. Also in the middle of updating my drivers, thank you Marin for the help, I will soon see if anything helps my issues.
I think so... That kind of temperature is typical in gaming (so is going up to 90 degrees, but still, this is on the low side). Have you updated your BIOS?
What Bios version should I be on? Its on Ao5
Go to dell's support page to find out. You should be on A07, but since you are not go download it.
So doing all these things so far hasnt helped it much my computer still drops to almost 0 fps and now has its fans going 4000-5000 rpm's on idle, so I can confirm that it is overheating. Also will the warranty that comes with my Aurora R4 cover this overheating issues if stuff needs to be replaced?
Maybe you need to paste your GPU? How long have you had the R4?
It will be one year in 12 days
Could you provide me with a link to the download fot Ao7?
Just go to dell's support page. I don't think you need a link.
Ok so Ive tryed to update my Bios to A07 but it is telling my I now have unsigned drivers in my comp so it wont allow it to change...
"WillaimsT" said:

It will be one year in 12 days

If you still have a warranty, I suggest you call them.
"mark3800" said:

"WillaimsT" said:

It will be one year in 12 days

If you still have a warranty, I suggest you call them.

This, definately call alienware. Contact them directly: 1800Alienware option 4 for tech support option 2 after that for systems after 2009 There's a sticker on your machine that has an express service code and a service tag, go write those down because you'll need them to get service for your machine. The automated system will ask you to dial in your express service code(no letters or dashes). Your service tag has letters and numbers but doesn't have spaces or dashes.

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