Your favorite Anime and Suggestions
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 Where are the normal Daily Quests?
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 So you have issues with the Weekly Quests. Tell us more...
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 DAILY QUEST REMINDER (World) - Look before you post!
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 WEEKLY QUEST REMINDER - Do NOT post the answer outside of the main thread.
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 [Daily Quest] [Non-US] Converse and be Merry!
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 [Weekly Quest] Triskelion
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 Level 15 - Got a Shoutbox now!
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 Just reached level 10. And now i can make original gaming articles! Yay.
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 Brightlocker shutting down; owes developers and customers $$$ and games
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 someone can explain me why juluis novachrono from black clover has that star in the forehead ? ^^
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 What's your favorite colour?
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 Why do you collect Steam Games?
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 What is your favorite shooter ??
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 What are your thoughts on Stadia, the new Google gaming platform?
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 How often do you change your computer's background and what is it usually about ?
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 What does Converse and be Merry means ?
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 What is your fav subreddit ?
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 If you had the opportunity to give a friend one game for free, what would you give ??
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 I'm new. Two questions if someone could answer.
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 Why are you here?
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 What would you do? Hurry there behind you!
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 What is your favorite superhero TV series?
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 Best VPN?
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 How much do I need ARP, up to 10 and 20 levels?
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