A Light Theme For AlienwareArena
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 APEX Legend Giveaway?
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 Forum Voting
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 Android App
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 Extra ARP for users who purchased Alienware hardware
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 Website in others languages (fan made translation)
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 Invite friends and get rewards :)
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 RSS Feed for forum posts and giveways
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 Browsing forum from the app?
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 Watch ads for ARP?
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 Why isn't there a thread creation limit on the Gaming News section?
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 Weekly ARP Quest
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 Forum integration into the Alienware Arena mobile app
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 Section for upvotes and favorites
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 Anyone else have to log in every single day?
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 Awarding Awa "Popular Images" and "Popular Videos" – the title "Top"
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 Favourite games/games played on profile
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 Add an "out of" mention on the Leaderboard
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 My suggestion
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 Steam Key Browser Link
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 live broadcast !!!
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 Save Draft Preview
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 points needs to be easier to earn through playing games
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