Big bang theory sheldon's laptop

gk1 i was watching big bang theory the other night and i was looking at sheldon's laptop i know it looks like an alienware m17x but i think it looks bigger then an m17x could it be the new m18x that has not been released yet??? im just throwing it out there.
DarthErebos No. They have been using alienware since season one and its probaly the same one. Besides its just a prop. Edit: How can you tell the differance between an inch on tv lol
gk1 Its not the same one the 1st one they had on the show was an area51.Now its an m17xr2 or r3 or could it be bigger? As i own a m17xr2 i thought the one on the show looks a bit bigger?
DarthErebos I don't really pay attention to the comp that much when watching the show; I just know its an alienware. I still don't think its this rummored new m18x. I don't really see why alienware would make a 18" labtop in the first place when they have the 17". How much more of an improvement would that be to the 17". Your not getting that much more room for parts and wow a whole nother inch. Just seems illogical to me. But hey I could be wrong ya never know.
gk1 There is an alienware m18x it will be on sale here in australia on april 19. A dell sales rep rang me he wanted to sell me the new m17xr3 as i allready own the m17xr2 i was not interested in the next model but he did tell me about the m18x and when it will be on sale but no price yet.Any way i just thought the laptop on the show looked a bit bigger thats all no big deal i was just throwing it out there.
FengshuiJudo I've been looking around and it seems that the m18x is just a rumor started that could have probably just been a misunderstanding about the m17x R3. Like DarthErebos said, why would they add just one inch and especially so closely after the m17x release. It sounds like a well spread rumor that isn't quite plausible
DarthErebos Everywhere that I've read about it its just a rumor. Show us some proof. Were are you getting your info from. Dell sells rep isn't proof. Some of those guys don't know what their talking about. If they are going to make this m18x they are going to hold a major press conference when they announce it, not let some sells rep tell everyone about it. Just out of curiosity why do you like the idea of this rumored m18x? How do you think it will be an improvement? Tell me whats going to make it so great?
gk1 Those dell sales reps are proof enough for me they are allways calling me asking me hows your rig do you want to buy this do you want to buy that.As i have purchased alot of products from dell over the years i have no reason not to believe him. And anyway why would he offer to sell me somthing that does not exist it does not make any sence. So if he said he will call me back in april to sell me an m18x YES i believe there is an m18x. And yes i think it is an improvement its bigger better and has more hardware inside it then any laptop they have made in the past. As i own an m17x and perferred laptops over desktops i like the idea of having a bigger screen even if it is only 1 inch bigger so it would be GREAT for me.
DarthErebos I don't think it will be that much of an improvement over the m17x. It won't be that much bigger than m17x, so why even make it. But companies do stupid shit to make money sometimes. I think he was just trying to keep you on the phone to keep talking to you and maybe get a sell out of you. But hey to each his own.
gk1 Well there must be a market for them dell would of done plenty of market research before they whent ahead and developed them. I dont know why they haven't had one out till now? there are plenty of 18.4 gaming laptops on the market i would of thought they would want to get a share of that pie. Any way it looks like they are and i intend to buy 1. I dont think he was trying to keep me on the phone i think he would much rather sell me a m18x for 5 grand then a mouse for 100 bucks. Trust me the day before they come out he will be on the phone to me trying to sell me one.
EdAlienArena The one Sheldon owns is a NebulaRed M17x-R2; and has been for a little while now. I also like the XPSs they pull out every now and then :-D
Noobtubed06 I want to be one of the nerds on that show so i can play with all of the fancy toys.
vietgamer09 YESSSS i noticed that too!!! oh and somewhere in the show >>>>24
gk1 I love the show its so funny. Yep i thought it might of been the m17xr2 but it just looks big for some reason??
Dr_Giggles94 loli havent noticed that... but yet again i havent seen any episodes recently .... ive seen like maybe one or two episodes of it and thats basically it
Noobtubed06 said:

I want to be one of the nerds on that show so i can play with all of the fancy toys.

haha. I find myself thinking this all the time.
gk1 ha ha yeah that would be cool
SteezyMcD is that xps on the show equal to an alienware in like performance? like does it have the same specs and upgrades as alienwares?
gk1 It is an alienware laptop but who knows whats inside it??.
gk1 said:

It is an alienware laptop but who knows whats inside it??.

pure genius thats what
gk1 Ha Ha fantastic reply pure genius is right.
ilovehell03 dayum! i love this show alot hahaha!XD BAZINGA!>>my favorite sheldon saying:)

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