IP price on Shyvana

OmegaSpirit I will guess It'ill be half of 12600.
OmegaSpirit said:

I will guess It'ill be half of 12600.

Don't be silly. It'll be double 3150 :p
MrNeutral basically the cost of nearly 5 1350 champions
Noobtubed06 I have to agree with tatzua hes the only one of you that make any sense.
Sizzackz 6300 and all of her skins are 975:(
kinglonewolf its about time they get more transforming champions like nidalee but im skiping this one after looking at the spotlight doesn't look like my style of play

Only time will tell...

Tatzua_DELETED They never seem to do anything lower than 6300 IP anymore.
Seanebum Yeah, she'll be twice as awesome as a 3150 champ. 6300 it is.
iwe Yep, they said its 6300 ;)
Mikarmakn every new champion is 6300 for now on. They gonna lower the prices after time goes by. I mean TIME. alot of time.
Kalmizar She looks like a great, fun champion. Though, before I buy her, I will need to fill my Rune Book(s) (I have the seal slot left in my AP book). :0
deadremix sucks that all champs coming out 6300.. its retarded
Noobtubed06 She isw raping hard in all the games im in lol.
Sizzackz yeah sucks, hard to buy runes when all the champs are 6300
HalfOrange Well its very nice that Riot Games is making an champion every 2 weeks but they should start making some low price champion for Ex: Why couldn`t Shyvana be a 4800 IP champion.I played against her and I don`t think she is worths 6300 IP .
iwe Maybe the next one will be 4800 :)
vietgamer09 they always come out at 6300 but they occasionally drop some
killer435214 More time for Riot to keep us addicted :(
killer435214 said:

More time for Riot to keep us addicted :(

Most of us are just using LoL until DOTA2 is out xD
iwe I think you will be surprised how dota2 sucks
Sever1ty I don't quite get why all the champions being released are 6300, especially when they reduce the prices on older T3 champions anyway...

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