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DreyraJar said:

yes but who needs a touchpad on the keyboard and the keys with the switchable pictures on it are on the wrong side i cant use them when im guiding my caracter with wasd and needing my mouse to aim -.-*

Haha, I know, right? We were just marvelling earlier in this thread that the only thing that the Razor Blade laptops had going for them was the touch-screen mousepad and the changeable buttons, so I just thought that I'd share that Razor made a external keyboard like it! The changing-picture keys aren't used to move the character around; they change depending on the game. For example, for WoW they will change to become your spell hotkeys and have the pictures for them on the keys. They are profiled keys, so you can program them to do what you want and program a picture for them as well, so they are actually pretty cool, all things considered. The Touchscreen just shows you in-game stuff like in WoW it shows either your inventory or your map.... (I'm using all of the WoW references because that is the only game I've seen played with it; it is relatively new.)

Well the interesting thing will be just like any other technology if this works, others will try to define it, and it will just keep getting upgraded till it is fully efficient.
Exziled7227 cool idea, its basically just a typical laptop with some cool LCD panel on the side... I don't see it changing much.. too expensive
FoxxM Well it is very innovative just not sure what purpose it will really serve, it will be interesting as once people buy and the technology is out, other companies will probably do things similar and then we will see if full touch screen keyboards are really worth the time and effort.

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