Eudemonia is a gaming center with over 30 gaming computers preloaded with many popular games, including League of Legends, Diablo III, Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, Saints Row IV, and dozens more.

Voice chat and web browsing are also available on all our computers. We have a 30 Mb symetrical data pipe for lag-free LAN and online gaming.

We offer hourly rates in addition to day and week passes.

Founded by Eudemonia

Members • 512


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  • Eudemonia's WARFACE Game Center Showcase.

    Crytek's "WARFACE" is now on showcase at Eudemonia!

    Start Time • 04:00
    Location • Online
  • Eudemonia's Watch Dogs Game Center Showcase

    We now have Ubisoft's Watch Dogs installed and available to play!  Come on in and let your new computer-hacking adventure begin!

    Start Time • 04:00
    Location • Online
  • Eudemonia's Assassin's Creed IV Game Center Showcase

    Starting today, we now have the newest Assassin's Creed installed and available for play!

    Start Time • 03:00
    Location • Online
  • Eudemonia's HAWKEN Game Center Showcase.

    If you come into Eudemonia and play HAWKEN during this event, you have the chance of being given a Pilot's Payday key code or a Mech Jockey's Jackpot key code!  Simply for playing!

    Start Time • 03:00
    Location • Online
  • $10 Blizzard Night

    Play all your favorite Blizzard games from 8 PM until we close at 2 AM for just $10! The pass also includes access to Mumble, Ventrillo, Teamspeak, and web browsers.

    Start Time • 12:00
    Location • Online
  • $10 Monday MOBA Night

    Play all of your favorite MOBA games from 6 PM to midnight for just $10! You can choose from the most popular of the MOBAs, such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, Heroes of Newerth, and the original DOTA, as well as several of the smaller titles, such as SMIT...

    Start Time • 10:00
    Location • Online
  • Thanksgiving LAN Party

    $25 entry fee Unlimited gaming all night from 10 PM to 8 AM! Free pizza and doughnuts! Two free drinks of your choice! Games and tournaments! Movies on the wall projector! If you are under 18, you will need to turn in a signed permission slip before t...

    Start Time • 14:00
    Location • Online

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