You awaken stranded on a hostile alien world, after your journey to colonize the planet. Rhyldan, takes a catastrophic turn. Armed
with only your fists, your wits and fragments of knowledge buried deep within a damaged clone’s mind, you must ensure the
survival of the human race. Harvest local resources to get started, and hunt wildlife with crafted weapons to provide food and
protection from the elements. As you survive you will regain access to knowledge and important skills to aid in your survival.
Unlock advanced technologies to build giant structures, advanced weaponry and defenses, tame the wildlife, engineer and grow
new living species, build robots and vehicles and use it all to support your allies or crush your enemies.
Fragmented is available in multiple rulesets allowing for PvP focused content, or working together with other players to survive
against the environment. Play online or in single player mode. Players will have the option to host their own servers as well and
tweak many of the settings to provide an easier experience or a much more harsh experience including hardcore options.

Surviving in the world of Fragmented has its advantages. As you gain more experience you will be able to unlock higher level skills
opening up different play styles and survival options. You can focus on combat related skills to take the fight to the wildlife or your
enemies or you can focus on skills that will improve your base and your storage capabilities. Fragmented features a level system
that grants points you can spend on a handful of skills to better customize your character. You can spend the points on the
following skills.

Construction- allows you to create buildings, props, storage containers, and various types of crafting stations.

Electronics- includes the creation of Electronic Devices, Turrets, Medical Scanners, or Robotics.

Melee- provides bonuses in melee combat, as well as the creation of melee weapons and tools.

Ranged- provide nuses in ranged combat, and allows creation of ranged weapons and grenades.

Refining- is used to process raw materials, unlocks harvestables, and creates tools.

Subsistence- reduces the effects of hunger and thirst, and allows the creation of foods, drinks or medical compounds.

Survival- increases your health and allows the creation of traps, torches, and campfires, as well as basic tools and waterskins.

Textiles- is used to create armor, clothing, pouches, and backpacks.

There are many different types of harvestable resources in the world, including dead creatures. Primitive tools will get you the
basics, but you will need to build better tools to achieve better results and to gain access to rare materials. Creatures also increase
in difficulty as you venture out, including boss encounters and other surprises.Using better tools and fighting harder creatures you
also can run across rare resources that can used to create even more powerful weapons and tools.

Rulesets and Hosted Servers
Fragmented will be offering a variety of ruleset configuration options, catering to many different playstyles. This includes PvE and
PvP options, both with casual, normal, and hardcore modes, all available on the official servers. If you wish to host your own
server, you will have control over those options, as well as having more granular control over the other aspects of the game, such
as food/thirst rates, damage, mob difficulty, experience gained and several others.
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