HyperBrawl Tournament

HyperBrawl Tournament


HyperBrawl Tournament is an arena based sports combat game, fusing intense sporting action and brutally competitive PvP combat

Once every century, the greatest warriors from across time and space gather to battle it out to become the HyperBrawl Tournament champion. 
HyperBrawl is a sport that combines ‘no-rules’, hyper speed handball with brutal player vs. player combat, where only the bravest and most skilled competitors will be victorious. Compete in epic local/online multiplayer battles of 1v1 or 2v2 or single player trials to improve and challenge your core warrior skills. 

HyperBrawl Tournament draws its inspiration from games such as Speedball, Rocket League and Battlerite – combining arcade style sporting mayhem, electric paced multiplayer action and fierce arena combat.

Game USPs

  • A fusion of electric paced, ‘no rules’ handball with ferocious PvP arena combat.
  • Unique warrior & weapon combinations enabling skill development and ensuring re-playability.
  • Smash and destroy opponents with devastating weapons and unique rage attacks.
  • Score incredible goals by perfecting the special aftertouch ability.
  • Player and spectator entertainment – A truly great party game, combining intense action and laugh out loud humour that make for amazing E-Sport potential.
  • Local & Online Multiplayer - Up to 4 player local couch play/online multiplayer.

Early Access Game Features:

  • Warriors & Weapons: Choose your own play style and strategy with a range of unique HyperBrawl warriors and weapons to destroy your opponents.
  • Combat Arenas: Experience and master a number of combat arenas, each home to one of the warriors and complete with its own unique feature.
  • Single Player Trials mode: Compete in a variety of single player levels that enable and encourage the player to improve their core warrior skills and unlock new content.
  • Multiplayer Tournament Mode: Use the skills you have learned in the trials and compete with friends in 1-4 person multiplayer games of either 1v1 or 2v2 tournaments, both locally or online.

Coming to Steam’s Early Access Early 2018

HyperBrawl Tournament Website: http://hyperbrawl.com/

HyperBrawl Tournament on Steam Early Access: http://store.steampowered.com/app/591760/
HyperBrawl Tournament Twitter: @HyperBrawl

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