Netlans is a 100% computer gaming center that specializes in custom built gaming systems, computer repair and upgrade and LAN gaming. 

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Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Origins is now installed and ready to play at Netlans.

Comming soon

New games coming soon are Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghost.  Look for upcoming events involving these 2 games.  

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Netlans HAWKEN Game Center Showcase

Hawken is a free to play Mech FPS.  Collect Mechs that have different strengths and weaknesses.  You can customize your Mechs with more firepower and abilities as you earn credits destroying your enemy.  You can even paint your Mech and personalize it to y...

Start Time • 06:00
Location • Online


Halloween is almost here and we did not forget.  All Zombie games are free on Halloween for everyone.  In addition we have a limited number of grab bags to give away.  Come play some Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Dead Island or any of our other Zombie game...

Start Time • 06:00
Location • Online

League of Legends Sunday Sunday Sunday

Every Sunday is League of Legends Sunday at Netlans.  Here is how it works.  Play ranked games and earn 1/2 hour for every win and 1 hour for a promotion.  This is every Sunday so come join the fun.  

Start Time • 06:00
Location • Online

Neverwinter Showcase

The Neverwinter Showcase will run from September 25th through October 8th.

Start Time • 06:00
Location • Online

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