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Star Citizen a good investment of my time?

Yeah what everone else was saying. Don't put any real time into it now until the developers put thei...
Sep 27, 2016 by cheekeman • 15 Replies

AK-47 OR M4?

as with everything, it is down to playstyle, AK punches harder and long time players often find accu...
Sep 27, 2016 by marchm • 25 Replies


Sep 27, 2016 by mengge3531 • 0 Replies

What is your favorite gaming fuel?

beer :)
Sep 27, 2016 by ArSo12 • 63 Replies

Steam or Origin?

steam seems still better, but recently Origin has been catching up. Many games/dlc given out for fre...
Sep 27, 2016 by ArSo12 • 315 Replies

How Old is your Steam Account?

13 years,12.09.2003
Sep 27, 2016 by ArSo12 • 220 Replies

Awp or Ak-47 ?

Ak-47 cuz 1hit
Sep 27, 2016 by FrozenKalle • 196 Replies

m4a4 or m4a1-s

I prefer m4a1-s
Sep 26, 2016 by Shikarumi • 180 Replies