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Some KickStarter Games To Check Out!

There are a few gems here.
Jul 28, 2016 by FrankK_65 • 19 Replies

Jungle teemo? yup!

brings back some good memories  
Jul 28, 2016 by inkeyes28 • 16 Replies


вот и 3 лвл
Jul 28, 2016 by bouncer777 • 219 Replies

Smoker or non smoker ?

Tried it once when I was a kid, Didn't like it.
Jul 28, 2016 by stio89 • 198 Replies


I don't feel it's worth the money yet. they need to add more to the game to make it worth it.
Jul 28, 2016 by TheBMan313 • 113 Replies

Can you go without your phone?

IAmHoboNinja I only use it for rare phone calls, to check my email if I'm expecting one and I&#...
Jul 27, 2016 by IAmHoboNinja • 98 Replies

Pokemon GO?

this game has gone too far man  
Jul 26, 2016 by El-3andlib • 69 Replies