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PS3 60GB

yep UK and US. On amazon and Ebay some ppl are selling for that price. Trying to cash in on the rari...
Jul 31, 2016 by STEE---IRL • 6 Replies

Welcome To The Game!

FrankK_65 This is from the same twisted minds that came up with Rides With Strangers, waiting for t...
Jul 31, 2016 by FrankK_65 • 1 Replies

Do you still remember your first game?

No smart ass comments, I played Pong. That was the big to do in my day.  Okay AA, knock your socks o...
Jul 31, 2016 by FrankK_65 • 9 Replies

where can i get this game for less price

you can grab it from g2a as well for like $45 Origin edition.
Jul 31, 2016 by tanaphat • 18 Replies


yeah just get paladins its free
Jul 30, 2016 by rolliepollietv • 132 Replies

Can you go without your phone?

Yes I can. The phone is useful in every aspect of the actual normal life but it is not something th...
Jul 30, 2016 by DannScott • 103 Replies

Best game you've played so far

I have to mention, Welcome To The Game!
Jul 31, 2016 by FrankK_65 • 86 Replies


PC only 
Jul 30, 2016 by Ganta94 • 70 Replies