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Windows boot on new ssd

As said above. Try a fresh install. if you still have issues check the speeds and health with HD TUN...
Jul 29, 2016 by Alien addict • 4 Replies

Running external 4K monitor with Alienware amplifier????

Meowland said: Yes, but you will need to use the video output on the Alienware 17r3.  I do not belie...
Jul 29, 2016 by Game7a1 • 3 Replies

So how do the Alienware Levels work?

rewards/arp scroll to the bottom.
Jul 28, 2016 by Alien addict • 2 Replies

Cooling Fan or Pad

I say go look at ebay. There are thousands, Some for only a few  $$$$$ do a fine job.
Jul 28, 2016 by Alien addict • 3 Replies

Smoker or non smoker ?

smoke occasionally a well thought out  
Jul 28, 2016 by ratozo • 210 Replies


i'll say it again the people who say its worth the money have clearly not played any of the competit...
Jul 28, 2016 by rolliepollietv • 123 Replies

Can you go without your phone?

Yes of course ;p
Jul 28, 2016 by KBN221 • 102 Replies

Best game you've played so far

Jul 28, 2016 by ratozo • 75 Replies