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06.17.2024 16:39:13 - Rubee3n -
only for eeuu and canada? is it a joke?
06.17.2024 16:54:30 - MiguelAngelOA -
What does Rise with us do?
06.17.2024 18:15:33 - espalandro -
ARTIFACTS sweepstakes with country restrictions? Really?
06.17.2024 19:25:34 - dreZmoL -
They are non-monetized virtual items, why the regional restriction (?) 🤔
06.17.2024 20:12:59 - matarife -
I bought rise for 10arp, but I don't see it in my inventory, is it because I'm from Spain?
06.17.2024 20:59:43 - Aradiel. -
It says "and other eligible countries" so the usual competition countries. If you're wondering why the restrictions, many countries have laws about competitions and gambling. Also no countries on US embargo export list.
06.17.2024 21:02:48 - Aradiel. -
@matarife Try upgrading an artifact, or changing the .eu to .na in the URL. You have it. It's just the usual artifact lag/cache bug.
06.17.2024 21:21:58 - stealthyjun -
any way you could pin your artifacts guide? i love it
06.17.2024 22:19:41 - xfgg -
Sweepstakes is for USa and Canad aonly (except Quebec). With the Rise with Us artifact you get Time on Site ARP, check the forums for more info.
06.17.2024 22:44:13 - enigmaxg2 -
Why those virtual items have regional restriction? I can understand a physical item since it does involve customs and shipping. But virtual items when you aren't paying for the entries?