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Arena Rewards Program (ARP). What is it?


Our forums utilize a point system known as ARP.  Earning ARP increases your levels and grants extra perks and rewards for doing so.  You can read up on all the levels and perks on the rewards page.  But for now, here's a quick rundown on how you can earn ARP.


There are two ways you can earn ARP: Daily Activities and from your Community Gain. You are limited on the amount of ARP you can earn from Daily Activities. There is no cap on how much ARP you can earn from your Community Gain. 


Daily Activities


Points (Daily Max)

Adding a Thread or News Post

+1 (5)

Every 5 Votes on a Post or Reply

+1 (10)

Every 5 Votes in a This or That

+1 (5)


Single Event and Admin Issued


One of your Posts is Featured


First Profile Avatar Image Approved


Enter a Sweepstakes or Contest



Community Gain (CG)

  • CG is affected by other members voting on your posts
  • Every post has its own CG tally
  • Higher-level members affect CG greater than lower levels
  • CG’s scores and level values are not publicly viewable
  • The visual number on each post shows the total number of upvotes minus the total number of downvotes, not your post’s CG tally 
  • As your CG raises on a post, you will gain additional ARP
  • If your post’s CG drops below a certain threshold, the post will be automatically hidden and marked for review.  If it is removed by an admin, the following ARP deductions will occur:
    • Loss of all ARP gained from the post
    • -10 ARP
    • Loss of ARP for any member who upvoted the removed post


The community is the backbone of this system.  As you vote on content, you reward others with CG.  The higher level you are, the more influence you have on their CG (Protip: Level 30's give a ton of CG, so be nice to them). But try and mess with the system, and you'll get bit hard. The loss of ARP is not worth it anymore. Spammers beware, people gain ARP now for using downvotes on you. Anyone who upvotes to superficially raise a spammers ARP, will lose ARP. 


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