Season 1 - Week 6 Results

Season 1 - Week 6 Results

Week 6 results are based on 31 ESL Pro League matches between March 13-19th*.

  1. Dyceyboi - 449.6
  2. OrgWithaStick - 448.2
  3. _Knightwolf_ - 446.3
  4. StreefoxFX - 446.3
  5. Glassboard - 439.4

*Winners are from eligible countries (US, Canada, UK).

We'll be reaching out to the Top 5 about their $20 Steam gift card prize later this week.

Remember that lineups are open every Monday until midnight (PST). Make sure to build your lineup before the end of the day.

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Okay, thanks


Next time, there will be no next time!


Okay this time I don't miss the start and I build a random lineup for not lose my chance to win nothing. (I don't live in US, Canada or UK)


Gratz the winners.



Congrats winners


@knightwolf Mahaha 1.9points higher  -EpicOrg from twitch


 grats to winners.


Congrats to the winners.


congratulation to the winners


Congratulations to all the winners...

GNU/Linux is my love system :) and good setup to play many games...


I really thumb up fro the winners, here. However, could somebody eXplain to me or clearify if I can watch how this guys playing, online, like on twitch?


Congratz to all the winners!!
Game on!

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Week 6 results are based on 31 ESL Pro League matches between March 13-19th.

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Season 1 - Week 6 Results

Week 6 results are based on 31 ESL Pro League matches between March 13-19th.
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