Aven Colony: A Brave New World

Aven Colony: A Brave New World

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nice video


Cool video is this game going be coming to steam??



nice might play this game


M8lordz said:

Cool video is this game going be coming to steam??


Hi M8lordz,
Aven Colony is coming to Steam in Q2.


Nice video


nice video




great game!

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In Aven Colony, you are humanity's last hope, charged with the survival of the last of the human race on alien planet Aven Prime. In Aven Colony from Mothership Entertainment, you must build, customise and maintain your colonies on an alien world of deserts, tundras and wetlands light-years from Earth. You must guide your brave settlers towards success and survival whilst dealing with the challenges of life on this exotic alien world, and help them uncover its many secrets. Find out more about Aven Co

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