Grab a free copy of Dungeons 2 while the discount is still running

Grab a free copy of Dungeons 2 while the discount is still running

You would like something to play this weekend, and there`s no salary yet? Then come by the Humble Store where is being shared the PC game Dungeons 2 for free in the next 24 hours. It's a title that resumes the tradition of a once popular Dungeon Keeper, and you are under control of your own dungeon and the ability to create deadly traps for all the heroes who dare to be The junctions in your dungeon.

The regular price of the game is 30 euros so this is not a bad deal, even though it is not a top game. The game will remain in permanent ownership if you get it by tomorrow, 13.05.-19:00 (UTC +1), and the code at Steam must be activated by 27th of this month.


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done, thanks


Thanks for the news, grabbed a copy :)


Already done, a great game though available through massive giveaway.

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ DUH! Neither I can help you nor the others. It's only you who can help yourself!


I think I have seen this news before.


Anyway, I prefer everyone to pick up this game for their collection. This is a great game and you can now get it free, so you can't lost anything!


already did but thanks for the news :) 




I grabbed my copy. I always appreciate Humble Bundle and their giveaways.


Thanks for the information. I just grabbed my copy.


already got ;)

Zeljko Obradovic


Wow thanks :)

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Humble Store is currently sharing free copies of the PC Game Dungeons 2, which reminds of the best days of the Dungeon Keeper franchise.

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