Steam Summer Sale dates leak, kicks off towards the end of next month – rumour

Steam Summer Sale dates leak, kicks off towards the end of next month – rumour

Steam’s annual Summer Sale will kick off at 9:50am PT June 22, according to the latest rumour.

The start date comes from the Steam Reddit (via PC Gamer) where a purported screenshot from a developer-only post has been shared.

It could certainly be nonsense; Steam posts aren’t hard to fake. But the Steam Summer Sale dates leaked last year – actually, more than once. The Steam Holiday Sales dates also leaked last year, and in fact it seems to happen with every major Steam sale. It’s as much a tradition now as the sales themselves. It also fits in pretty well with the usual timing of the Steam Summer Sale.

According to the screenshot, the Steam Summer Sale will end at 10:05am PT July 5, so if you want to abstain you need only avoid all Internet devices and cancel your credit card for the space of two weeks. You can do it! We believe in you! You’re saving for [insert desired thing here]!

Does it really matter exactly when the annual wallet harvesting begins? Do you need to set your calendar to be first in line to partake in whatever meta-game will fill your library with unplayed games and extract your cash in lung-sized chunks?

Yes, of course you do. Well, we’ll enable you; it is our duty and our burden in this life. Expect us to keep a running log of the best deals, as we did for the Steam Summer Sale last year, or perhaps something even more delightful.

See you all in a few weeks for the Steam Summer Sale, when all of us will rail against our fate even as we suck air over our teeth and say “gosh, that’s super cheap“.

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With the new Steam's gifting system, the summer sale is less attractive with me now, maybe I'll skip.


It is time... Are your wallets ready?!! :D

Let's see the impact of the new gifting system on this sale....



In that two weeks, I'll buy one game.



My credit card suffer everytime there's a sale... But titles really interesting are usually less than expected!


Thanks for this information. I hope prices will be better, because their last sales were disappointing.


With all these changes to gifting, buying in my country is even more tedious. We pay 50 euros for a game when the average income is 3-5 times lower than other parts of Europe. I don't expect to buy many games from my wishlist in this case. 


Thanks for news

Memento mori.


Steam Summer Sale? Take My Money Valve, Take My Money!!!


Steam Summer Sale, I'm coming... too bad I have 0,07 eur on my wallet :D


thanks for news)

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Steam Summer Sale returns, like an annual plague where the symptoms include bleeding money and gentle hysteria.

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