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Well, I'm at a point if overclocking my Alienware M14x is a choice for better FPS. The only thing I'm afraid about is that somebody at school said that overclocking voids warrenty. Basically, does it void my warrenty? And how much of a FPS boost do you guys I'll get from overclocking? Specs Below: Processor: 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM (6MB Cache, up to 3.3GHz w/ Turbo Boost 2.0) Memory: 6GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz Hard Drive: 750GB 7,200 RPM SATA 3Gb/s Video Card: 2 GB DDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M with Optimus™ Thanks for the help guys.

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Your cooling system won't keep up with any overclocking. It would likely void your warranty as well. I'd just get a cooling pad. (something with fans) You're probably seeing fps drops due to the fact that it can get hot, and then limit itself. Might want to look into another 2GB of ram though.


I would imagine if you fried your GPU by overclocking it probably won't be covered. A cooling mat would be a good idea especially if you went ahead with overclocking. If you do just make sure to make small increases and watch your temps like a hawk. Also, your probably fine with the RAM you have. Only reason you'd need more is if you used programs that use a great deal of memory. Games do not. I have 6 gigs and even when trying to get my RAM usage maxed out I only used about 60%.


As far as I know, overclocking does not void the warranty, but any damage explicitly caused by overclocking will not be covered by the warranty (IF they can prove that you did overclock.) I was able to OC the core clock of the 7970M in my M17x to 975 Mhz, and it gave me quite a noticeable improvement in FPS. Temperatures remained stable, and there were no system crashed. Currently, I don't OC it, because everything I play runs on highest settings at a high enough FPS that I don't need it to be OC'd. You shouldn't need to OC the CPU. The largest improvement you'll see if is you were to OC your GT 650M. However, I won't tell you exactly how to do it, mainly because it is a lot harder to do in laptops. If you're not familiar with how to OC GPUs in desktops, then you shouldn't really be thinking about OC'ing in a laptop. If you really want to, you'll need an OC'ing program like MSI Afterburner, and then a temperature monitoring program like CPUID HWMonitor. (oh, if you want more FPS- you do have your games set to run on the "high performance" GPU in the Nvidia control panel, right?)


"TheRetiredSlave" said:

As far as I know, overclocking does not void the warranty, but any damage explicitly caused by overclocking will not be covered by the warranty (IF they can prove that you did overclock.)

This. I can confirm. Overclocking itself doesn;t void warranty but if you manage you burn your rig in the process, it won't be covered. Its the same idea as opening your laptop. You may take the entire thing apart without voiding the warranty but if you break something, it wont be covered. Check out the Overclocking thread, get software you need and give it a shot.


you can overclock the core clock all the way. im almost positive that all can push the +135mhz. i overclock mine and it works better. i turn turbo boost off on the cpu because the 3610 is way too powerful for the 650m. it just increases temps and noise. i play bf3 and i cant tell the difference when the turbo is disabled.


I have owned an M14x and I overclocked my GPU but despite that I never saw any increase in FPS. Likewise I turned my Turbo boost off and again, saw no decrease in FPS but a major drop in heat. Overclocking is best used on desktop rigs, where liquid cooling is an option and you can actually get some serious mhz out of your CPU. 100mhz won't do you any good except cook your lap and possibly void the warranty. Besides that, overclocking the CPU isn't possible with the Alienware provided BIOS, you can download and flash your BIOS chipset with a version that would unlock all of those features but it can be hard to come by and IF you do mess up the flash it could be very very serious.


Thanks for all of the help guys. And @TheRetiredSlave What do you mean by high performance in the GPU? Do you mean this? http://gyazo.com/758b03ac69c5b3428c7b97021da700d8 And yes, I do have a cooling pad.


No, I mean this. The main thing is this: nVidia_Optimus_Overview_2.jpg


Oh yeah, I have it set to that, thanks for the help man.