Dungeon Defenders II Otherworldly Spectre Pet

Dungeon Defenders II Otherworldly Spectre Pet

Redeem your key to claim the Otherworldly Spectre companion for your Dungeon Defender hero. There are hundreds of pets just waiting to be discovered in Etheria. But only the Otherworldly Spectre can be found here. After hatching your new companion, you can level him up by taking him to battle! With the right evolution materials your pets can finally reach their true potential, gaining higher stats and activatable abilities that can wreak havoc on your foes.

Please note this is not a Steam key.

About Dungeon Defenders II:
Etheria is under attack! Build mighty defenses to freeze, burn and disintegrate your foes -- then grab a sword and jump into the action! Level up a team of heroes, deck them out in loot, and destroy the hordes by yourself or in four-player online co-op!


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Thank you!!


I like that cute pet. Thank you


Thanks for the giveaway!


Thanks for the key.


Thank you!


To whoever curious, you need to go into the game and open the mailbox in game. There is a apply code area where you can put the code in for the pet.


It's not steam key


Thanks for the giveaway.


thanks, but I get a invalid key



Thanks for the Dungeon Defenders II Otherworldly Spectre Pet.


Thanks a lot for the giveaway Alienware!

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