Activision assures us that hackers will not so easily infiltrate full-fledged edition of CoD: WWII

Activision assures us that hackers will not so easily infiltrate full-fledged edition of CoD: WWII

Open beta of Call of Duty: WWII ended a few days ago, but we can not say that everyone had equally fun. The biggest problem were the hackers which after just three days uninvited got in the game then with others, fair players played Russian roulette. Videos of cheating ended up on the internet and of course Activision threw itself to clarify this problem.

Namely, on its blog Activision revealed that they were aware of the problems that during open beta caused hackers, but it also made it clear that the beta did not contain the entire suit of anti-cheat technology they intended to use when CoD: WWII comes out in full-fledged release. Finally, it is said that these problems are considered to be extremely serious and will monitor what is happening and react accordingly to that.

Additionally, Activision has recognized your criticisms from open beta and has listed several things that it plans to change in the PC version of the game, and all together with the entire blog post can be studied here.

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good to hear


Let's hope for the best


Ofc, no one would say they would do nothing regarding hackers. What's important is how it actually will be when it's officially released. Fingers crossed for the devs and the players (but not the hackers).


Let's see if they follow through. As quickly as the hackers cheated the beta, they'll probably keep trying to break the system regardless. Hopefully they'll continually to monitor and adapt as necessary.


I do not believe ... I have to fix a lot of games as well as security issues.


Still beta?


Having to purchase the game will keep most hackers out


damn hackers!


I hate cheaters and hackers


Hackers are evil, try to get rid of them.

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Call of Duty: WW2 hackers may have ruined the fun of open beta to others, however, Activision has no intention of allowing such an insolvency to become part of the full release of the upcoming shooter.

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