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Alienware 18 issues

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ive had an alienware 18 laptop for a few years and i was really happy with it but now its all gone wrong, i cant update any drivers and my graphics cards doesnt work anymore, if i play a game it uses the intel graphics and it makes everything a pain i cant update any drivers like something called a "battery driver" and so i have to keep it plugged in or it dies in 2 minutes. it also says i only have 128mb. what do i do, i paid multiple thousands for this laptop and it doesnt even work?

btw i didnt spellcheck this at all so pardon the mistakes 

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Prxncey said:

the only thing under display adapters was the intel 4600 thing so i uninstalled that 

This is NOT your dedicated graphics, now you will have to find the drivers for this chipset also. 

If I were you, I would back up your data and reformat your PC (OS reinstall). Make sure to download the drivers for your machine off the Dell website and move them to a USB before doing so, because you will lose wireless connectivity after reformatting until you install all the drivers again. Make 100% sure you get the drivers that correspond to the components you showed us in the screenshot.

If this does not fix your issue, I believe the GPU may have become detached or may even be dead. This would be found out by opening up the computer or sending it to a repair shop.

I'm not sure if the 18 was the same as the M18x in that it does not have Optimus and you had to manually switch from the Intel graphics to the dedicated GPU. I can't remember but I think it was Function-F7. If this doesn't work then it's most likely what sp00nd said and your Primary (or both) GPU is dead.