Dead Frontier II

Dead Frontier II

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Dead Frontier II is a game free to play... i downloaded this game with my friends and we are really enjoying that game. If you already played this title... What do you think about this game ?

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Tbh, I found it confusing, slow to start and not much telling you what to do. Didn't spend long in it, glad youre enjoying it though. Probably have to put in some time first until it gets more fun


I haven't played it yet. kind of wish they focused on making the first one better instead.






not good




Actually, I tried to play it with a friend & both of us find this game kinda meh. No turorial, storyy or quests. It's not open world, the loading screen so long at every door you open, you start with nothing & some undead you meet cost some bullets to bring you nothing. I don't know, it miss something so I let it on the side for now.


Don't 4get its literally brand new open beta etc whatever terms  as of a month or two now?

I tried it for several hours for a few days when it first released.  nice that you can link your first dead frontier account to the 2nd and get some cosmetic? rewards etc.

the game itself?  man i hate the aiming aspect.  noticed hes improved the melee a bit since it first came out too.  so all n all, just wait n try again later on if you're not super into it right now.


kinda like some folks with warframe (me)  i didn't get back into it when it first came out in 2013 or whatever, only recently came back to it the last year with the huge plains of eidolon update (back in last year december or so)  and now im hooked.


Great indeed ._.



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