Bitter Tides ( first-person stealth and horror game)

Bitter Tides ( first-person stealth and horror game)

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I really liked this horror game, soon I will try the demo (, it seems very interesting .

Set in a mysterious desert dream world, Bitter Tides is a first-person stealth and horror game for the PC. Painstakingly rendered, the world holds clues in every crevice of its environment. Players must cautiously navigate a nautical hellscape of half remembered incidents to discover what is happening and where they are. Your tools are lures and traps with which you avoid and ensnare those creeping things from the deep.

The monsters of this fallen abyss crawl aimlessly, day and night, in tireless animation. Wandering across the vasts, they are nothing to the agonies of the world left behind.

Bitter Tides merges the cautious gameplay of stealth action games with the ambiance of dark and sinister horror. Players will need to find hidden paths to progress through the environment while either distracting, trapping, converting, or blowing up enemies that hunt them down. These enemies have a range of unique behaviors that provide a new challenge around every corner.

To avoid these enemies, players are equipped with their Heart: a lure which can be augmented using items discovered in the game. Also, the player is given a lantern which requires oil. This oil can also be used to purchase upgrades and items as players progress.

Additionally, players have access to an abilities tree which they can use to enhance the character's skills in accordance with a range of play-styles.

Bitter Tides tells a story of the misshapen world of "Our Place," a city in the sand. Seemingly abandoned yet ominously preserved, Our Place is home to physical and mental horrors that stalk the player. An odd zone full of shadows that go the wrong way and curious happenings in its dark recesses, Our Place is itself a lure leading the player inward.

We're keeping quiet about the exact details of the story. We don't want to spoil such a major part of the game experience. The Demo, available on Steam, acts as a prologue to the events of the game. You can try it for free!

1. Fund the Game

This is the minimum funds required to fund the project to completion. This may not seem like a lot for a project of this size, but a good portion of the game is already developed. This level of funding will give us a final push to complete the project.

Around 60% of the game has already been developed. We need your help to get us further.

2. Improve Soundtrack

At this level, we can acquire the help of additional artists to help us flesh out the music of the title. Musical cues, scores, and ambient tracks will be worked into the title.

3. VR Support

At this level, we will be able to configure the game to work with VR platforms for an immersive horror experience.

You can try the Demo on Steam right now!

This demo is the prologue to the events of the game itself. Included in the demo is a small level designed to set the tone of the game's horror content throughout the title.


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It did not get funded :c, what a shame, it looked nice




Looks very nice and stylish.




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