Bullet lag / enemy lag

Bullet lag / enemy lag

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I am facing a problem after installing windows 10 , while playing games like blacksquad and csgo then enemy player are seeing me first and killing me in one hit (not head shot but body shot). 

Other symptoms 

-> My bullet dealing very low dmg 

-> Getting killed behind cover 

-> Sometime huge recoil while shooting

My specs : >

Processor : i5 7300HQ

Graphic card : 1050Ti

ping : stable 60 - 80

fps  : above 120 (sometime i limit fps to 120 otherwise can go around 160-200 based on settings)

overclock : no overclocked

Bufferbloat : 80-170ms  down      300 -700ms up

Pls help , can't play competitive because of this problem

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All network issues, get on a wire (ethernet) or deal with the lag


sp00nd said:

All network issues, get on a wire (ethernet) or deal with the lag

using wired internet , there is some kind of lag when i am playing . The enemy kill me before i even see them ,they are able to fire multiple bullets before my bullet hit them. I am guessing it is something wrong with windows 10 network settings 


what is the latency or ping in game? if its triple digit there is your problem


I don't think you're having a lag problem :/

Alienware 15 R3 i7-6820HK @4.1Ghz GTX 1070, 8 Gb DDR4 @2400, 512 GB SSD + 1 TB @7200 RPM

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