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Alienware 13r3 flickering on screen

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After hours or driver updates, reading and troubleshooting, can't figure out what is causing this. Drivers up to date based on what is available from See video below. Flickering visible on dark or darker colors and not apparent on "white screen" or using programs like Word. Seems to mostly go away when there is mouse movement or other movement on the screen (like notification pop up in video). If I force the PC into using the dedicated GPU, issue goes away. Issue does not happen when using external display. Incredibly annoying and gives me headaches. 

Dell support seems to think it's the LCD/connector so they are sending a tech to replace those items, but I am not convinced. Thoughts? 

Specs: Alienware 13r3, I7, 16GB, integrated 630GPU with dedicated 1060 gb GPU.

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Flickering can be caused by bad wires, like connectors getting pinched in the joints of the screen.

So frustrated with Dell. The tech came and replaced the screen. Alas, the issue disappeared, BUT, the replacement screen was absolutely unacceptable. The old LCD was a Chi Mei. Aside from the flickering issue, the image was crisp, clear, great contrast and good response. The new one? The LCD was a BOE and it suffered from that weird prismatic effect (similar to how a screen looks "fuzzy" when you put on a cheap, plastic screen protector. The problem was really bad on a bright white image (like Word). To top it off, in games, it had terrible ghosting. 

I called the tech back (he gave me his cell phone number) and explained to him what I was seeing. Granted, his hands are tied to just perform the work that Dell contracted him to do, but he agreed that the screen didn't look as good as the other. Alienware support was useless. They claim they are only using BOE panels as replacements now and if it is working, then there is nothing they can (will) do. Apparently, image quality isn't important to them, even on a $1800 laptop. 

Tech came back to the house at the end of his day and put the old panel back in and said I should escalate the ticket. If they are only using BOE panels now for repairs, the only other option would be the OLED screen but that is a fat chance in getting them to provide that. 

At this point, I would rather live with the flickering on darker backgrounds than to deal with a crap image over the entire screen. 

As to the source of the problem? The tech is baffled. Replacing the LCD did remedy the issue so we know it's screen related. Defect? Maybe, maybe not. Could be some minor incompatibility between the Intel GPU and LCD. If the dGPU didn't hog twice the power at idle, I would just run the PC off the dGPU all the time but I would be lucky to get 2 hours at idle vs the 4-5 when using the iGPU.