Dead by Daylight Trailer Breaks Down Darkness Among Us Update

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By Rory Young | Dec 11, 2018  

Dead by Daylight‘s latest DLC release, Darkness Among Us, will be available starting today. Darkness Among Us stands as a milestone launch for developer Behaviour Interactive, being the tenth content chapter made for the ever popular multiplayer horror game. Accompanying the Darkness Among Us launch is a brand new Spotlight trailer showcasing the chapter’s content additions in-game, including the new killer, Legion, the latest Survivor, Jeff Johansen, and the new map, Ormand Slope Resort.

Behavior revealed the new content chapter last week during The Game Awards 2018, though it had been teasing the new Dead by Daylight map and killer for some weeks now. The reveal featured a special cinematic trailer teasing all three major pieces of content included in Darkness Among Us, with the specifics of the update released within the community. Today’s spotlight trailer offers the first look at Darkness Among Us gameplay in motion.



As part of the spotlight trailer, Dead by Daylight breaks down each of the new Legion Killer‘s powers and perks. The Legion’s power is known as Feral Frenzy. It allows the Killer to move at a faster rate while the power is activated, as well as enabling them to vault over pallets. Attacks have a lower cooldown, and attacks landed during the Frenzy apply Deep Wound. Deep Wound is a brand new status effect that will put a player into a dying state after a certain amount of time, unless the Survivor takes the time to mend themselves. Landing a Deep Wound also resets the Legion’s Feral Frenzy, enabling them to chain devastating attacks if positioned carefully.

Legion’s powers and perks make them an extremely threatening Killer when it comes to chases, but somewhat weak against organized and split Survivor groups. Here are the Legion’s three unique Perks that will enable them to maximize the strength of their Feral Frenzy:

  • Discordance: If two or more Survivors are working on the same Generator, the Generator’s aura is highlighted.
  • Mad Grit: While carrying a survivor, the Killer suffers no cooldown for missed attacks. Landing an attack pauses the carried Survivor’s wiggle timer briefly.
  • Iron Maiden: Open lockers faster. Survivors leaving a locker have their location revealed and receive the Exposed status effect.

There’s obviously much more than just the Legion available as part of the Darkness Among Us patch, however. Today’s patch also includes an Unreal Engine update which improves various visual and audio upgrades. And there are plenty of balance and quality of life changes out today, too.


Dead by Daylight is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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