Kingdom Hearts 3 community braces itself for spoilers after big gameplay leak

Kingdom Hearts 3 community braces itself for spoilers after big gameplay leak

The Kingdom Hearts 3 community is doing its best to avoid spoilers after at least one copy of the game changed hands and gameplay hit the internet.

Heads up, Kingdom Hearts fans:

The full version (!) of KH3 appears to be out in the wild (some screenshots and videos exist that I won't share here)

But yeah, be careful on both social media and YouTube

— Nibel (@Nibellion) December 15, 2018

This damaging leak comes over a month before the game is due to launch officially, on 25th January 2019.

Footage of the title screen, install screen and more are online now after a person was seen to be selling multiple copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 via the Facebook Marketplace (listing now deleted).

A brief gameplay video was posted to YouTube as a warning to Kingdom Hearts 3 fans to avoid spoilers (there are a few swears in the video). Mods on r/KingdomHearts have threatened to ban those who ask for a copy of the leak, post a copy of the leak or link to another site which has leaked materials.

We're used to video games breaking their street dates, but this Kingdom Hearts 3 leak comes six weeks before the game is due out, which makes it unusual. We've asked Square Enix for comment.

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