Granblue Fantasy Fighting Game Developed By Arc System Works Announced

Granblue Fantasy Fighting Game Developed By Arc System Works Announced

Granblue Fantasy is an enormously popular Japanese mobile game franchise, but it doesn't have the cache in the West that it does in Japan. Publisher Cygames is hoping to change that soon with the announcement of a fighting game created by fighting game house Arc System Works.

First, Granblue Fantasy Versus is a fighting game featuring the developer's signature anime-turned-3D style. The title is coming next year. According to the game's official site, Versus will feature "original gameplay tailor-made to appeal to both Granblue and fighting game fans alike."

Five characters (Gran, Katalina, Charlootta, Lancelot, Ferry) have been announced.


Cygames also released a new gameplay trailer for Granblue Fantasy Relink, an action-RPG set in the same universe and featuring many of the same characters.  From a gameplay perspective, it looks somewhat similar to Final Fantasy XII, albeit with more of a focus on action. You can watch several minutes of gameplay (in Japanese) below.


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Granblue Fantasy: Relink isn't the only Granblue-related console project on the horizon. The Granblue Fantasy Fes 2018 event also revealed Granblue Fantasy Versus, a new fighting game from Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ developer Arc System Works.

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