Battlefield 5 battle royale lets you kill with tractors

Battlefield 5 battle royale lets you kill with tractors

We already had a rough release date for the Firestorm, and a new trailer for upcoming updates gives us just a tiny tease of what’s coming. Specifically: tractors. Yes, you’ll be able to drive farm equipment in Firestorm. Eagle-eyed fans may remember back in November when Criterion dev Arthur Rohart mentioned the possibility of killing Firestorm players with the tractor, and it looks like dreams of agricultural murder are coming true.

Firestorm is a Chapter 3 update, but we’ve got Chapter 2 before that – which starts this week. On January 17, that means a new set of weapons including the Zk-383 SMG, the Modele 1944 semi-auto rifle, and the M1922 MMG. We’ve also got a new 8v8 Squad Conquest mode for small-scale battles, which will last until January 30.

A new Grand Operation hits the Panzerstorm and Arras maps in February, available in Airborne, Breakthrough, and Rush modes. And yeah, Rush mode is coming back, too – for a limited time running March 7 through March 20. We’ve also got a new co-op mode in Combined Arms, which starts in February.

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Oooops! They did it again!

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ha ha










cool, but, i want to use a little red wagon.


Killing With Tractor, Nice Way To Go



Who Made Who?


ha ha  fun!


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Battlefield V’s steady march through World War II continues, and we’re just about to the famous moment where a whole bunch of soldiers did battle inside a shrinking fire circle in an effort to be the last squad standing. You may not remember that one from the history books, but Firestorm – DICE and Criterion’s take on battle royale – launches in March.

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