Intel or AMD?

Intel or AMD?

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I want to upgrade my gaming PC, please help me decide!

AMD processors are worse today than Intel or AMD become better? Please tell me pros and cons!

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AMD Ryzen.


Intel is usually built in and anyone can argue that you don't need to mess with it since most computer have it and it runs fine. However! Built-in Intel is usually for basics, not gaming or good graphics; heck, not even for higher res videos. AMD is more like NVIDEA but not as good (my opinion, but really NVIDEA has more). So, since going processors...if you have the card to go with it, then you would synergy. I do not know how well AMD works with NVIDEA but if you have NVIDEA, I'd go with Intel. Those two work well together.

Mainly, look at compatibility and what you will use them for.

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Intel. I'll let others deal with AMD incompatibility and "competition". I'm not going to go for an inferior product and have to deal with the problems that come with it to save some money.


AMD for the multitasking and all the processing stuff.

Intel for all the best bang for your buck and not about the maximum number of cores in your cpu.

AMD is all about cores. The cores do make a huge difference if you are video editing, rendering, and have photoshop and other applications open in the background. And to top it all off, you have to install a program that takes up alot of space. The install will not get as bottlenecked as an Intel.

I have an Intel 7700k. And its an amazing cpu. One time however, I thought I had a beast of a pc. I had to run an excel script to parse and check and merge over 45k addresses and names for a MASS MAILING campaign all into one single excel sheet file. And what happened was that, I got extremely bored of waiting. So, I decided to play a game at the same time. That was the worst mistake. There was 2 or 3 cores dedicated to the game and some to the excel program, with 1 extra core left to probably manage the rest of the pc with what it was doing... My philosophy changed when after 4 hours I decided to quit the game and restart the program and left it alone.

The hard lesson learned was that If I would have only waited about an hour, then the file with 45k addresses would have been merged already. But, because I decided to SLACK OFF, that was what happened. So now I treat Intel as a powerful CPU but its terrible at multitasking 2 things that can be CPU intensive. I also have 32gb of ram so I had PLENTY of room for speed.


So always think:

AMD = More cores (Better multitasking)

Intel = Best Bang for your buck but not a good multi tasker with intensive projects.




IMHO!! Intel!
 Well... Pros and Cons... That's endless swamp... Just Google and decide yourself!!


I also suggest further researching if you planning on big upgrade, but here is my 2 cent on AMD pro and con since I am using an 1700x

If you compare a general similar price range.


+More core, higher multilcore performance = better multitasking, you will need this if you a student or content creator

+Significant cheaper than Intel = better bang for the buck if you on budget

+Better overclocking capacity, as pretty any chip is capable of overclocking to some degree, only apply if you intend to use this feature

-Worse single core performance = AMD is very capable, but it wont give you a good result when compare to Intel in program that only utilize one or two core like most game so if your need is just gaming and you looking for performance for games only get Intel, otherwise I recommend AMD for general usage and work/gaming station combo

-Generally higher power consumption  = Intel stuff is generally more power efficient, but it not really a big problem for causal user unless you an enthusiast or really nit picky about it.(gotta feed those cores lol, which lead to the next point)

-Generally generate more heat (can be good alternative to heater in winter, just saying ^^) = again, not a big deal and it is quite manageable with a good cooling system, but significant enough that you should worry about it. 

-Can be ram picky, ram speed dependent = slightly lesser compatibility than Intel counterpart. Once again, if you know what you are doing, this is not that big a problem. it's mostly an annoying but may be major problem or a pain in the 4ss for new comer to PC building