In "Peace Island" you play as a cat, that teams up with other cats to save humans

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In the role of nine different cats you explore the eponymous Peace Island in search of the solution of a mystery. The people of your island have disappeared and you set out to fathom this incident.


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With over $ 13,000, developer Eric Blumrich has enough money to develop the game for PC and Mac. Also a version for the Oculus Rift is in work. Yes, quite right: A VR cat game.

If you're thinking now, that you and your cat gang are fighting the territory for other gangs with creative names like PussyRiot or Southpaw, then you are wrong (unfortunately). Peace Island is - who would have thought it? - a peaceful game in which you make friends with other animals such as deer, in order to progress in search of the fate of the people. But beware, not all residents of Peace Island are safe.

Of course you can also live out the everyday cat life: Eating, lying in the sun and throwing things down somewhere. Or you explore empty building around the islands, just things housecats do all the time.

The game is soon to be launched into Beta. Are you looking forward to this game style?


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sounds like a ton of fun is licking my own bum bum included 

sakebreath said:

sounds like a ton of fun is licking my own bum bum included 

New Stretch Goal?

Cat... that teams up with other cats.. to save humans... 8\ What an insane dream this is ??!