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Final Fantasy Shadowbringers Quest

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I cannot do that quest at all you just dont get enough time to do it in 15 seconds not only that the pieces overlap so you dont see the one you need, one miss click and you lose like 3 seconds due to the animation. This honestly might be the worst one I've seen on here. Anyone else struggling with this one?

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Took me a few tries, but I memorized the pieces quick and got it done.

Timer too short for me, and that damn falling piece and sliding to random position thing really screws things up when you don't drop it accurately enough.
Tried about 6 times, it's just two different pictures alternating, and giving up now, it's not worth the additional effort it would take.

im not lying when i say this.  The publishers asked for it to be harder.  The original was 30 seconds.  More than enough time.  They wanted it to be more challenging.  


Im sorry.  

Took me about 6 tries and I won 5 arp - which I used to get just from opening a box.   Dud.  lol  I wanted to win the game until I discovered from a friend, that the game has a monthly subscription fee so I'm glad I didn't win it.  Yes, I'd like to play it but I cannot afford any new expenses right now.

I noticed the text says you get 15 seconds, but the timer says 20.  (Though I've been too busy doing the puzzle to check and see if it actually gives you 20 seconds.)


I think 20 hits the "tough but do-able" limit for me, and I finished with 1 second to spare, and didn't make any mistakes.

This is impossible.  Edit.. did it with like half a second to spare.. and for 5 arp... just wow.. that was not worth the irritation at all...


I did it many, many times before I finally got it. It seemed the timer went up as I kept going along but I'm not sure. It was up to about 25 when I finally got it?

Took me about 10 mins to finish it


5 arp


Nine tries for five arp, meh. these types of quests just arn't worth the effort. 

5 ARP for 5 minutes of my time.

Seems legit. LOL