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Celebrating 10 Years Of Alienware Arena

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Hi all, 

I wanted to take a moment of your time to say "Thank You!"

This year, we are celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Alienware Arena - our Gaming Community site. This site! This very one you're reading this news post on.

When we thought up Arena and its purpose in 2009, we wanted to create a destination for gamers and fans of Alienware. A place where they could feel comfortable talking all things gaming related & find a forum to connect with other gamers from all over the world. 

Personal Story here: A long time ago, I think 2011, long before I handled the strategy for Alienware Arena I met a member here on the forums to play Warhammer 40k: Space Marine. What started as a simple LFG request turned into a growing friendship. We played tons of games together from that simple "Who is hyped about Space Marine?" convo here to nearly nightly games of Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, and any new MMO title we hype trained on. We'd get so competitive with each other trying to top DPS charts while standing in fire. He unfortunately passed away 2 years ago but I'll never forget the immense friendship I earned here on Arena. 

When Alienware Arena launched, it served as a community website focused on tournaments for competitive titles such as League of Legends and Starcraft 2.  Since then, the site has grown immensely, not just in look and community but its purpose. It has changed so much since then.

Our community has grown over the past decade to now over 7 million members worldwide.  To continue serving this rapidly growing community, we’ve added new features over the years - things like a portal for live streamed content on Alienware.TV to the Alienware Rewards Points Loyalty Program. The site has evolved its perks to the community with Daily Quests, expanded uses of ARP, & Giveaways. 

And even now, we continue to add new features like Alienware Academy. What initially launched this year with lesson plans to help enhance your competitive skillset in CS:GO has expanded its library to include Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and yesterday with Tom Clancy's The Division 2

All of this for free. You didn't have to buy an Alienware computer to be part of this community. You don't have to own a Gaming PC to be part of this community. You just needed to have a passion for gaming. Competitive, Casual, or just a Viewer. 

So Thank You! Thank you for your passion. Thank you for helping us grow Alienware Arena. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring you all these great features to the site to reward this ever-growing, ever-evolving community. There is more to come... Soon™

Keep on Adventuring! Keep on Fighting! Keep on Building! Keep on Gaming!


-Umar Khan

Alienware Arena Site Strategist


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Thanks Alienware for the great job! Now right to the next 10 years!

LONG LIVE TO ALIENWARE ! Actually 2years+ with you guys :D Love you all ! 

Huzzah!! we made it.. the big 10!! Its like a kid growing up :D

happy! celebrating! AWA!!! Best wishes! From Ukranian gamers!!!