Smite by HiRez Studios Entering its 7th Season, Introducing Huge Updates

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Smite by Hi-Rez Studios will soon be entering into their 7th season and along with it comes a ton of new features, playable gods, god skins, and much more!

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) which differentiates itself from the standard MOBAs by being played in the 3rd person with player view rotating on a horizontal axis rather than the usual top down bird's eye view angle most MOBAs use. 

Smite's playable characters are gods and mythological beings from various mythologies including, Greek, Norse, Roman, Egytpian, Celtic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Arthurian, Mayan, Polynesian, Slavic, Voodoo, and Yoruba with more pantheons joining occasionaly.

Season 7 promises changes to all of their game modes including an entire map rework for the 3v3 game mode, Joust. 

The Norse god Odin and and Egyptian godess Bastet are also receiving reworks on a few of their abilities making them stand out from the crowd even more!

HiRez has even managed to make game engine improvements resulting in, among many other things, a 50% decrease in PC installation size.

All of this and much more on just the first patch of season 7! No doubt season 7 will be one of Smite's most successful seasons to date!

For a detailed view on everything occuring in the first patch of season 7, please visit

See you on the battleground!

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AlienAhPuch said:

love this game

Me too, been playing for a few years now. I'm guessing you main Ah Puch?