Bomber Barn Alienware Arena map Steam Key Giveaway

Bomb Blasting Fun!
*Bomber Barn must be installed before key redemption*

Welcome to Bomber Barn, a cute and competitive local multiplayer game.

Bomb your pals as an adorable animal with unique abilities, blasting through a variety of themed maps designed for tense battles.

It's a modern twist on an old classic, and we've created a special map exclusively for Alienware Arena members.

Floating above the dangerous darkness, a UFO circles the battlefield, both illuminating and obscuring the area beneath it. Only hardcore bombers will survive.

Download the game on Steam and redeem your exclusive DLC. Bombs away!

Game Features:

  • Addicting Fast-paced Gameplay
  • Distinctive Abilities & Play Styles
  • Powerful Items
  • Exciting Strategically Designed Maps
  • Customizable Game Variations
  • Cute Hats & Accessories
  • 1-4 Players with Bots
  • Content Updates