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Path of Exile

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With the new influx of PoE players, maybe some PoE content would be good?

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Hey, i just joined since there was rewards from poe, but i dont get the exp system here. how do you gain account exp besides posting in this forum ?

How do I earn ARP?

Being active on the site will always present opportunities for earning ARP.

  • Quests
    • By participating in daily and weekly Quests, you may gain ARP over time.  Quests consist of short, interactive games or actions that can reward different ARP amounts.  
  • Advent Calendar
    • Earn ARP and exclusive rewards within the Advent Calendar.  You will receive a new reward for each accrued day you log into the site. Rewards are based on total days logged in and not the day of the month.   
  • Community Gain (“CG”)
    • Every post (video, image, thread, news or other posts, except for replies) has a hidden behind-the-scenes CG score.
    • CG is affected by other members voting on your posts.  As your post’s CG raises (based on the net from upvotes and downvotes), you will gain additional ARP.  
    • Members with higher ARP Levels, affect CG greater than lower ARP Levels.
    • CG scores and voting values are not publicly viewable.
    • The number viewable on each post shows the total number of upvotes minus the total number of downvotes, not the post’s hidden CG score.
    • If a post’s CG score drops below a certain threshold (based on the number of downvotes), the post will be automatically hidden and marked for review. If it is subsequently removed by an admin because it violates the TOS (such as SPAM, offensive, discriminatory, etc.), the following ARP deductions will occur.
      • Loss of all ARP gained from the post.
      • Loss of an additional 10 ARP.
      • Loss of 1 ARP for any member who upvoted the removed post.

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