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AWA ran out of PoE horn codes

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Apparently there was a huge miscalculation in the demand for these codes, and apparently all the codes were gone in a couple of hours, if I understand correctly.

Why was there no information about the amount of codes being limited?

This along with the forum just being flooded with posts about getting ARP, just makes it seem like no one planned ahead, and I doubt hardly anyone will be staying after the promotion is over.

Some research about the player base would maybe have been a good idea? I just don't understand how the influx of people looking for these rewards can come as a surprise, especially since a new league just started.

This promotion is just executed extremely amateurish overall.

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That's kinda lame... all the people trying to get to level 5 only to find out the keys are all gone (me being one of them lol)

Nonsence, My friends and I all got codes yesterday and the remaining number was around 1500, don't believe theres no coeds left, if you want to prove it to people then PM me and I'll give you a method

I would suggest at least making level 5 and finding out for sure yourself before posting any negative propaganda such as this. At the time of this post you're Lvl 3 with 50 points, so only 75 to go ;)


EDIT: just claimed my horns after making level 5 watching the hand washing video quest. there were still 2,525 horn keys left.. like i said, negative propaganda and plenty of gullibles just biting on that hook and up-voting this crap


arcane helmet login reward codes are gone. total scam of a giveaway.

"Login 4 days in a row and claim your free Arcane Helmet MTX..... except there is only 5 keys. gl noobs and thanks for boosting our site's visitor numbers!"


Yah I hate this too I created an account for this and now I get nothing for all my effort

I received code for arcane helmet and horns