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How does one earn community ARP?

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 I've been commenting, upvoting and making threads left right and center, but it still says I only earned 2 community ARP in the last month! How does one earn community ARP? Because my posts have gotten a modest amount of upvotes and I expected a lot more than 2 ARP.

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toctep313 said:

Here, take my upvote. hope it will help

I don't know if it helped, but it sure made me feel better!

I'me not sure, but you have to have 5 upvotes on a comment to earn 1 ARP !

Arkheos said:

I'me not sure, but you have to have 5 upvotes on a comment to earn 1 ARP !

 I got far more than 20 upvotes, so I have no idea what is going on.

If you are getting upvoted by the low level PoE users, then you get a very small amount of CG-ARP.

Think of it this way: a level 1 user upvote can be like 1% of an ARP, so you need 100 to be equal to 1 ARP.

If you make decent and interesting content where higher level users upvote you, theirs could be worth like 25%, 50%, 100% of an ARP.


It is all part of the hidden formula for Community Gain but this is the jest of it: lower level upvotes give almost no CG-ARP while higher level upvotes can give ARP.

I think if low levels give only 1 percent on up votes and a high level can give 25. 50, 100 percent of arp on an up vote the forum kinda broken, Its creating a 1 sided power vacuum. Its pretty much keeping newbies as newbies. they should really consider a different system, because even random amounts is better than current system. or even a based on numbers of up votes be better than that. If any thing require a higher amount for an arp the higher your status is to balance things out, just one persons opinion