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How to get 5lvl fast?

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Please help. How to get 5lvl fast?
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As Thomxx said, Make posts, get upvotes

Obviously do your daily missions, you can search them if you're uncertain of what they require you do do

And the daily for the 1x day in a row that you've consecutively logged in, resets after a week or something so then it's back to 1x1 and proceeds daily as normal

I went from level 1 to 4 in basically 2 days so getting levels isn't hard, just let people know you need upvotes like I'd appretiate it if people went to my threads and done a few clicks, even if it's just for the people in my comments and not my actualy threads as I feel everyone is really desperate to hit level 5 and some people don't want to make another damn PoE please upvote me thread... Just saying.. I'm making threads just to soak up any exp I can leech from people But it's not really leeching as I'm upvoting anyone who visits my threads


we can trade upvotes


after that doing the daily missions seems to be the only way and hell i don't even know what they mean, so i'm kinda stuck

votes and quests, also do not forget to activate the booster!!! It does not activate itself!