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PoE brought people here, but whose really going to stay afterwards?

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Hi guys, I joined these forums back in mid 2019 I'd guess around August. I check up on here a few times afterwards but in all honesty things seemed pretty dull. The articles felt dulled down and lacked substance for were always just rinse and repeats from around the net. I only came here now because of the obvious reason that I could earn a hood in Path of Exile which is an awesome game and a shot at getting a pair of horns which feels like an annoying task due to the fact that theres not much on these forums to do in the first place, and I'm not talking about the cheezy ARP point system that makes no sense as it encourages dull and repetitive threads to be made in order to gain any extra ARP through the voting system. I get theres a daily login and theres the singular mission system(rofl) but the former is on every site and the latter is in place just to get people to do anything at all. You could reply twice to two different threads if you got the double converse mission and even if you get downvoted you'd still probably come out ahead becasue you're earning 6 ARP from the mission.

Let me be clear, this is not a rant in any way as I'm just trying to figure out why things work like this? It's like me running a school and saying if a child takes out a workbook in every class they get an extra mark on theri grade and if the take register in the morning they get extra points based on how many days in a row they attended... These are things that shouldn't be needed if the site is interesting and alluring enough.

I'll say a few things, the layout is awesome, you can make threads/publish content easily but even that requires you doing a bit of trial and error the first time. Took me like 10 mins to realise how to create my own thread... Mayeb make the areas on the sides of the screen expand a bit when you hover the mouse over them so they stick out a bit more?

I like that this site does seem to have give aways and beta keys as I love partaking in any game ahead of it's time since to me bugs make things enjoyable as the user gets to do something that wasn't intended in the game, I'm not saying overly abuse something  but if you play a game where you can only single jump but if you jump against a wall at a slight angle it allows you to use it as an extra jump then thats cool to me... Even if it were to later be patched out.


Basically I really like the idea of these forums but they need a stronger motive to get people to post quality threads of their own and make new users want to come back regularly to see new things that progress.

Not just, Please upvote my thread so I can hopefully earn a reward... It's just not motivating.

On that note I'll upvote anyone who comments on my threads, you don't have to agree with what I say but don't be negative for the sake of being negative :P

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I'm going to be honest, I'm in it for the horns, but isn't that the ENTIRE plan for this event? Isn't that what they wanted? people to try out this platform. Even IF i leave after the horns, it's my decision. I learned about this platform and i'll judge if i'll stay or not. You got me to get engaged trying to get to rank 5... and that isn't a one day thing. I'm logging into this platform, posting a video, trying to do the daily, crying about the fact that I don't do social media and can't do todays daily.

I tried creating a post to get some upvotes to speed up the process, but clearly it just got removed. Thx admins for actually stopping me from even TRYING to get a key. I mean ... what did you expect with an event like this? The steam POE post even said that you didn't have to do anything. Just register.... and instead i'm trying .... and getting bashed by downvoting people judging the reason why people are here .... It's an add campaign like any others. People will leave if they don't think it's worth staying on ... that isn't our fault.

Yo, check your PM's boys and girls... I'm trying somehting here! Fang, Ori...

Yeah, I like the idea of incentivising good posts and feedback, but i'm not big into participating in forum discussions. I usually get the information I need and get out. I do feel like it should have been clear how much effort goes into getting the horns though.

Honestly this is correct, this lowers the quality of the platform due to making people participate in it without really wanting to.

The lack of substance happens also in some reddit posts for example especially those with word counts and so on, it is clearly similar to having to write an essay of 2000 words while only actually needing 500-1000 words of covering the subject, you end up with 1500-1000 words which are just messy and lacking of actual inspiration or meaning besides just filling up space.

Similarly the situation with the incentives to post and gain experience in this platform as much as possible will actually flood the forums with low-quality posts for a few days until this and probably future similar "giveaways" are active. The POE community us huge so this will heat alienware arena forums pretty hard I agree.

Hopefully this does not happen in the future and the rewards are granted as an actual reward instead of item-exclusive contents and so on.

In the future there should be free copies of a game that is already released or similar, as a reward for users who are active and to also make it a semi-impossible goal with many keys on stock of course equal to the number of user who are and might be active.


I totally agree....

Alienware really lowered my expectations for them in just a few days.... lol

Limited Amount of Keys for a Digital Giveaway for something like this big just felt bad. IMO, yeah the Forums are also a bit confusing for most people (i.e: Cannot even check your own previous posts,etc) The event also shafted oldtime users who might have had an account already from years back. I hope Alienware and GGG learn from this event at least and learn to do it better next time.

this 5 level stuff is really suck, and what the cost of that? more spam posts for the upvotes