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New users influx with giveaway events

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this is probably a question more aimed at veterans and experienced users of this forum.

I cannot stop to wonder how many new thread are appearing on the board about Path of Exile giveaway and the fastest way to conquer the 5 lvl challenge. I mean yeah, we all came here for the free stuf that has been promised and some of us decided to actually do stuff like voting and commenting. However I can imagine that this situation must be exactly the same as with any other giveaway - many new user, countless new threads and the race to achieve the level 5 to grab the reward and get out.

I have to admit I am kind of tired of trying to cheese my way through this and if I am supposed to be active on this forum I would rather chose a more "civilised" way to do that.

So I would like to ask you what are your thoughts about this? Does this happen often? Does this even bother you or is it more like "oh, hey...another giveaway event, better stop visiting for 3 days untill it settles down a bit"?

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