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How to be better at League of Legends.

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There is not really much League content here on Alienware Arena. Feel free to post any tips which you think complete league noob should be familiar with. 

For me it will be paying to much attention to train micro-plays than focusing on practicing macro-game.

Also really good way to become better at LoL is to watch replays from your own games and analyse your mistakes. This is very underestimated way to learn the game.

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The most important thing in League of Legends is to watch your mini-map. There's so much information there that will help you stay alive.

It mostly depends on your role, but if you are struggling on lane then play safe and don't be afraid to ask for a roam or gank from your jungler

Not blaming your teamates is really important. It distracts you from your own play and it makes them lose focus or even troll. Even if you don't speak out the blame, you are not focusing on what you can do to improve your play and not die. Yes it's polite pinging MIA, but it's your fault not looking at the minimap and overstaying or overextending.

The settings that you use are also really important. Here is a [good video]( which describes the changes in them which can help you.

Also watching good content can help a lot. I would recommen these channels: ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides and Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides.

Also don't be afraid to try out stuff and fail, you won't improve if you play completely safe. You might increase in ranking but you are not pushing yourself to be better.