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What's the point in being Level 30+/Master? To miss out on keys released in another timezone?

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I'm in Australia, and decent giveaways have a very limited number of keys which always seem to be released and taken in another timezone. 

So what's the point in being a Level 30+/Masters member? To miss out on keys taken in another timezone? To collect some useless badges and borders? To be under the impression that you're going to get a key for a decent giveaway (but won't)? To do some time wasting quests or posts saying hi?

There used to be some decent giveaways years ago for 20+ and 30+ members.  Eventually I built up my account to those levels with daily logins for years, but for what? To miss out on keys, that's what. Fantastic, I know.  If only I knew this beforehand, that being Level 30+/Master would not get you any better chance at getting a key...

I just don't see the point...

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It can seem like that, but remember the majority of forum users are probally bronze master and above or close to it. The keys are limited and region specific.  I tend to check the forums in the morning and evenings and on many occassions the new key giveaways have appeared and the keys are gone.  It would be nice I guess that the higher up your in the ARP, that you would be given first grabs at the giveaways, but in the end, nobody is ever happy with not getting keys.  My guess is that the forum has a large user group and the amount of keys given to Alienware are insufficent to cover the entire readership.


The truth is that there is no point on joining AWA if you live outside NA.

Users in US get prizes for every level, merch or store money; they also get their region-locked giveaways, which by the way, used to be a lot better. 90% of giveaways these days are beta keys…

So, for everyone outside of NA: do not join AWA, you will get nothing from it.

I tend to agree, if you're outside NA and are joining for giveways I think it's mostly pointless trying to reach level 30+. It's still ok to join and participate in the community and forums and whatnot. 

I would say for non-30+/Masters, don't get your hopes up that Level 30+/Masters level gives you a good chance of acquiring a key in giveways, unless it's for something like 90% of people don't want.

NA users sure have more rewards and more luck for getting free games and best giveaways, but  since I first came on this website I've earned more gifts and rewards than on all other gaming websites together in 15 years.

Complaining about free stuff you didn't get is just childish.